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About us

Renowned speaker and teacher Dai Patterson has served as an Elder and the Pastor of Emmaus Christian Fellowship since 1986. The church continues to serve the local community of Lampeter and its outlying villages.

We are a company of God’s people who have experienced the saving grace of God demonstrated in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God’s Son. 


Our aim is to be a place of prayer, peace and joy to all who join us. Our community is richly diverse, with people of different ages and backgrounds coming together to worship and serve together. We welcome all individuals seeking God’s love and our doors are open to every soul seeking to welcome Jesus into their heart.


Following His return to His Father Jesus promised (John 16:7) to send us the Holy Spirit whom He poured out in His fullness into the hearts of His disciples to bring about a new birth and to enable them to live a life honouring to Him. This He has promised to do for all who will call upon Him and wholeheartedly want to follow Him. 


For our Mission Statement, please click on the button. 

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