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Lake at Dusk

Emmaus Christian Fellowship: Mission Statement

  • To be a place where broken people can find healing in Jesus; enjoying the love of God the Father, giving Him access to bring his healing to our hearts.

  • To live a life honouring to Jesus.

  • To cooperate with the Holy Spirit in bringing people into the full knowledge of Jesus Christ, beginning with our community and reaching out to the ends of the earth.

  • To eagerly pursue the gifts of the Holy Spirit, expecting demonstrations of his supernatural power.

  • To treasure the Bible as the written Word of God; to be used for teaching, encouraging and admonishing according to its precepts.

  • To love and nurture each person God sends to us, recognising their amazing value to Him.

  • To demonstrate love in action; serving God in the community.

  • To encourage each person in ministry, realising their God given potential and purpose in His kingdom.

  • To be a catalyst in God's work; connecting people to God and one another.

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